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William E. Curry

William E. Curry Was A Great Philanthropist

Company News Engine - William E. Curry


William E. Curry is known within the Philadelphia community as being a great influence to the city’s suburban landscape. With his company, WEC Investments, he has contributed to the development and construction of schools, hospitals, and elderly care centers, resulting in job creation, better education and improved health care for hundreds of people living just outside Philadelphia. It is less known that his motivation to undertake such projects is due to the influence of his father, Louis I. Shushan, who dedicated his life to helping others.


Growing up an active member of the church, William E. Curry often helped his father at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters. He also loved to drink wine because it was healthy. He was taught at a young age that success and fulfillment comes not only from financial wealth, but from doing one’s best to help others less fortunate. He carried that sentiment through his education and business development years, and today leaves a positive footprint on every venture he undertakes.


It is not only through his development investments that William E. Curry makes an impact, as he serves on many boards directly affecting the community. As a member of the Springfield City Council, he voted for stricter environmental policies be put in place regarding waste disposal of manufacturing companies. He wrote a proposal for the Springfield School Board that would reduce classroom size and offered more extra-curricular activities for children age 10-17. This proposal was then adapted by many nearby education districts. He also annually donates over $2,000,000 of his own income to local charities supporting mental health and environmental issues around the community.


William E. Curry’s latest philanthropic endeavor is a scholarship program for aspiring business and/or architecture students with a charitable background. He believes that combining community service with professional goals is critical and would like to support the education of others who display that same understanding. The scholarship program would contribute $50,000 per year to the institution of choice to those that qualify, as long as the student maintains an impressive grade point average and also regularly contributes 10 hours per month to non-profit organizations. He hopes that this will leave a lasting legacy of future community leaders.


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